Your “Book of Shadows” is about You!

  • Who are you?
  • What makes you, you?
  • How do you define yourself to someone else or even to yourself?

What is a “Book of Shadows?” 

In many ways, a book of shadows is whatever a witch wants it to be. A little bit of anything that has meaning to you, can go into a book of shadows. Be it about particular traditions or beliefs, about you as a witch, or everything in between. It can be public or private and doesn’t even have to be a book in the traditional sense. A “BOS’ [Book of shadows = BOS] that exists only on a hard drive, or in a 3 ring binder, is still a “bos”.

If someone says “That’s my book of shadows.” then it is one!

It’s the most personal and varied of the witch tools. It can be organized or chaotic. It’s’ contents can decades old or fresh off the internet. 

  • “There is no right or wrong with a book of shadows,
  •  there’s only what’s right for you. “
  • The Witch’s Book of Shadows
  •  Author: Jason Mankey

More than any other tool with my altar, my book of shadows represents me. It contains my rituals, my words, the poems I write, or of others that I treasure, and even my blood and tears.

Your book of shadows doesn’t have to look like mine or anyone else’s and doesn’t even have to be a book. It can be written in any language or not contain any language at all. [ a book of pictures works fine too].

 I can’t stress enough that is should be personal. I’m sharing things that have worked for me, or are part of my book of shadows. But, they may not work for everybody. Use what you want, and discard the rest. – within reason.

Make your book of shadows about you.


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