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I am NOT Nothing!

To all who feel alone, depressed, or feel they are nothing:

Say back “I am NOT Nothing!”

As someone who lives with depression and mental illness – who is a survivor of prior suicidal attempts, bullying, and abuse. Let me say the struggles are there, a daily battle, a fight that seems impossible to end or even to win. Forgiving yourself for these things you can’t change – isn’t easy. It’s a tide that ebbs and flows between insecurity and lack of confidence in both yourself and in that things can actually change.

There’s a pressure to be such a way – regardless of what part of society you’re a member of. And, if you don’t fit the mold expected of you-you can often feel like an outcast, a demon, or less then human.

Let me assure you that you are human, no matter what your thoughts or other people even say, because you are a person too. No matter what gender, type, race, religion or lack of, height, weight, appearance, luck or lack of luck, wealthy, poor, or any other of the so-called “factors” that are supposed to express us. 

You are you – practice accepting yourself. Start with one small part – that you like about yourself or want to like, but have been afraid to. Allow yourself that much. Then add on more. Soon you’ll find talents or hobbies you never knew could be so encouraging. Even if only the joys you allow when alone or even with someone trusted. 

A Change will come if you allow it. But it starts with your doing for you. 

Life is a journey and a struggle, but you can live it in a positive way even with all the trials your facing. 

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