Welcome to “Coffee-Pink!”


I would like to explain a bit of what this blog is about and what it is for. First and foremost, it is a hub for all my projects. These range from artwork to games, as well as stories and more. It is also where you will receive regular updates on these various sorts of pursuits and where you can check back for daily news on what I am working on as a follower or visitor. I will be sharing samples of my portfolio here, examples of current works, and so much more. Please check back regularly for more as this site develops.

About the Artist

My name is Ciera. I am a 29-year-old woman who lives in Ohio. I’ve lived in various towns in this state all my life thus far, and I currently reside in the town hub of  Steubenville. I’m also the artist who owns this blog and who creates most of the works shared here. I own a tabby named Thief, who ‘s a former alley-cat and kitten.I am happily taken and in love with my husband at heart, Alden.  I like sweet things, sometimes I’ve got a bit of a temper, and I use it as fuel to the fires in my soul. I’m a determined, stubborn sort, who also has a kind heart, or so I’m told by friends and loved ones.

About the Art

There’s something that draws out the passion in me, whether that takes on the form of my artworks or writing or even my various game projects. These are in development.I consider myself to be in a constant process of learning, as there is always more that can be improved upon or to know about. As such, creating such works is both my hobby and my job.

Nothing is for sale unless otherwise stated just so you know ahead of time. Unless you purchase a commission or I am making you a request or art trade, my art is also not allowed to be used in any way shape or form. The ONLY exception to this is my resources and tutorials. Please read more on those below.

I also tend to share free resources and tutorials that others can use from time to time. Those range from backgrounds to text boxes, from character sprites to original bases. All of my resources can be downloaded in full size from my DeviantArt page on TheHoneySparkle, and are licensed under a creative commons attribution or are in the public domain. Please see each piece for their terms of use, which act as the rules when someone uses my resource. Generally, though, it is just to credit me and link back to both my site, as well as the resource used.

Contact Me

If you ever have any questions about things on this site, or just want to drop me a note, there’s a contact form linked to on a page – [here]. Various social media pages where I can be found are also linked to in my “Links” section on this blog. Alternatively, you can also reach me by email at [theHoneySparkles@gmail.com].