Just Starting Out with Witchcraft?

written & made by: Ciera H. – TheHoneySparkle  / @sparklewitchery
also on my tumblr [ here ], where I post as @sugarmoonwitch

part of my writing series, “tips for witches”

  • Don’t let yourself be pressured to define yourself or your path. Not now. Not ever. ( It is perfectly okay to have a type you do identify with or an identity, but it is also perfectly okay if you don’t know how to do more then describe your interests and what you are currently learning.) 
  • When you consider yourself a witch, you are one.
  • That said, be prepared to experience some helpful hints if you’re being inappropriate (in an appropriation sense, or otherwise, being a danger to yourself or others).
  • Don’t be AFRAID of mistakes. Instead, make sure you learn your lessons that you can from the inevitable happening of them in your practice from time to time.
  • Be careful of what herbs, incense, candles and whatever else you burn, ingest, infuse, etc. (Some of these can be poisonous in certain uses or cause miscarriages, skin allergies, etc. Make sure you read up on them and know you’re own body. Practice proper measures when consuming or using them. Know their properties. Know the side effects if something were to go wrong. This is for your own SAFETY and the safety of those around you.)
  • Practice, darn it. If you don’t use your newfound knowledge, you will not grow.
  • If you are low on energy, do simple things. Read up on your favorite new crystals, light a good smelling candle, take a herb infused bath, make a cup of tea, etc. Do things that will help you feel good and raise your energies.
  • Take breaks. Breathe. Go for a walk. Pet your favorite animal. Walk away from your studies for a bit. It’s okay to recharge. It’s healthy. You need to take care of your body and your mind, just as much as your spirit.
  • Don’t be ashamed if your interests change over time. That is okay too. It just means either you’ve found something new to be passionate about, perhaps your needs are different, and more.
  • ASK questions. PLEASE DO THIS. Do not let people scare you off from doing so. I encourage this so much. Yes, it may be discouraging to be told to research certain topics more, but sometimes, the other person can at least point you off in a direction they’ve had experience with. Maybe give pointers or advice.
  • Most of all, if something feels uncomfortable, or wrong to you, stop for a moment and consider why. Did you do enough to ensure your safety? Did you practice it the way that feels good to you and goes with your intent? Did you miss a step when making that potion or working with drying herbs? Search for signs, check things, and it’s okay to be cautious.

A Book Blessing

A blessing for a grimoire.
Photo credit:  [x] by: Engin_Akyurt 

Bless these hands as they pen the words to paper,
May the inks flow easily, and legibly.
Bring guidance to those who respect this tome,
For what it is, for what it will become,
And, may those who don’t, have the misfortune,
to never truly understand the truths within.


A Way to Use Powder Incense

As an alternative to burning it over smoldering charcoal – this is what I use, ( for times when I don’t have a cauldron or another incense holder that is safe for that sort). Instead of burning the incense, I fill a small saucepan with water, boil the water until steaming,  and then place a teaspoon or two of the powder incense into the water and stir. Then I let it continue to steam on the heat for a few minutes and let the incense scent rise with the steam. When the water boils or begins to, turn off your stove. 

*NOTE: You can let let it sit on the hot burner and steam up till it cools. Also, the liquid mix afterwards can then be placed in jars, or a small bowl or cup, and used as an offering on your altar or elsewhere. (Just dispose of it after a few days ) 

SIDE NOTE: You can also seal the bottle/jar with wax, to make it a longer lasting offering –  or make spell jars this way with the water/incense.